The Best Beach Destinations In Mediterranean


Travel easy with ExpediaThe Best Beach Destinations In Mediterranean

Mediterranean is the place in the world where life is easier and more beautiful with Beaches. But how to choose the best place on the Beach, stretching 46,000 km, 21 countries and three continents already? Of the thousands and thousands of wonderful places we want to draw your attention to these best beaches of Mediterranean. And it’s not just soft sand or smooth pebbles, but in the rich culture, excellent food and most importantly landscapes.Travel easy with ExpediaCassis

For those who like to stay in the French style, Cassis is best, which is located near Marseille, surrounded by small cliffs sheltering, very intimate beaches, will be a nice choice. Cassie was once a small fishing village, and maintained its purity and charm, despite the proximity of Nice, Cannes and St Tropez. Actually, so it remained: there are few American and UK tourists, but since the late 50s this borough interested wealthy Europeans. Here, incidentally, not only catch fish, but also grow grapes used to make the local white and rose wine. Recommended splurge and dine in the Michelin-starred restaurant La Villa Madie, located on a cliff. Very much like it to aristocrats and actors that call Cassis home. Well, at least a few months of the year.Cassis

Travel easy with ExpediaCorsica

If you think that Corsica is just another beach of endless succession of Mediterranean beaches, then you are greatly mistaken. First, off the Beach of the homeland of Napoleon – crystal-clear water. You have not seen such. Second, most of the island is covered with rocks and cliffs, which automatically turns it into a paradise for climbers lovers, and thirdly, on the Beach of the strong wind that will be enjoyed by surfers. About food and wine talk is meaningless – they are fantastic.Corsica

Dubrovnik, Croatia

It is located in the south of Croatia Dubrovnik – one of the most beautiful places on the Mediterranean Beach. Once, in the Middle Ages – the main port and trading center, where it was possible to reach Venice. Every year it is visited by up to half a million tourists, but you will not be close.Dubrovnik, Croatia

Travel easy with ExpediaMalta

According to the guidebook Lonely Planet, Malta is a “microcosm of the Mediterranean.” In other words, you will not miss anything from the holiday in the Mediterranean, only if you visit this small country. Space occupying only 300 square kilometers, and is located right in the middle of the sea, Malta – a mix of European, North African and Arab cultures. In addition, it won only who could, and now all fans of historical recreation, not only felting on the beach, you can see in one place at a time – and Gothic, and Renaissance and Baroque and Norman architecture, and even the ancient buildings, the age exceeds 600 years.Gozo, Malta

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